About KGSC

Develop collaborative relationships with academic partners and professional and community organizations to increase the awareness of and quality of programs for girls in STEM.
Initiative 1.1: Develop and continue to support regional KGSC teams across the state.

Initiative 1.2: Publish a newsletter that provides information about KGSC events and disseminates research-based best practices.

Initiative 1.3: Organize annual meetings and forums across Kentucky to provide networking and professional development with the goal of increasing the awareness of STEM careers.

Initiative 1.4: Develop a marketing program that advertises the products available from the NGCP for the KGSC in terms of research-based best practices.

Initiative 1.5: Further develop the KGSC website to include resources targeted to youth and provide marketing materials for regional efforts.

Initiative 1.6: Distribution of mini-grants to help fund programs for girls.